Father of the Bride Speech Template

Father of the Bride Speech Template

Father of the Bride Wedding Toast Template

The bride’s father plays a very important role in any wedding. If that’s you, then you will most likely be required to present a well thought out speech (click here for some 10-star rated speech examples). This is something that can cause a great deal of stress and even panic at the thought of speaking in front of a large number of people. This is especially so if you do not know exactly what to say. But don’t worry, I’ll show you in the following articles exactly what you have to do in order to get your wedding toast ready. Now I’ll show you 10 ideas that will help you get an overview about the template, then in the following articles I’ll show you some examples, from which you’ll get an idea of how to use and adapt these steps to your wedding toast. Here are ten useful ideas to use in creating your father of the bride speech template (looking for some examples? click here).

Bride’s Father Wedding Speech Template

Welcome the guests first

1.) At the beginning of your wedding toast, you will want to welcome all the guests that have come to your daughter’s wedding. If there are people who have traveled long distances to be there for her special day, be sure to mention them and thank them for going out of their way to make this such a special occasion for your daughter. Continue reading

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Father of the Bride Speeches

Father of the Bride Speech

Father of Bride Speeches

So, you are the happy father of the lucky woman who will marry soon, and you must deliver a speech at her wedding. Well, congratulations! In case you have no idea about what to include in your oration – or even if you are afraid of speaking in front of a large audience – you have no reason to worry about it, because this site will show you how to create and deliver an exceptional father of the bride speech (click here for some examples).

First of all, I must tell you something about the context in which you will offer the wedding speech, which will be delivered during the special party – called “the marriage reception” – that will be held after the wedding ceremony. The main purpose of this reception is to entertain the guests. This party usually debuts with the newlywed couple receiving the guests. During this stage, in some traditions, near the bride and the groom stand – in order of precedence – the two couples of parents and some other honor attendants, and they all greet every guest that is coming to the wedding. Continue reading

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Father of the Groom Speech

Father of the Groom Speech

Father of the Groom Speech

Although my initial idea was to dedicate this blog only to sharing tips for the bride’s father wedding speeches, I noticed lots of people come here searching for “father of the groom speech” and since there isn’t a big difference between these 2 types of speeches, I’ll try to write a few articles with tips for the groom’s father also.

In this first article I’ll present you the basic template for the father of groom wedding speech (want to see some examples? click here for 25 ready-made speeches). This usually follows the speech held by the father of the bride (we discussed about the wedding speeches order in a previous article).

Father of Groom Speech Template

Since your speech will be following the father of the bride speech, you’ll start by giving thanks to him for the opening speech, for all the trouble he and his wife went to for setting the wedding and last, but not least, thank both of the bride’s parents for all the nice things they said about your son and for welcoming you in their family. Continue reading

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Bride’s Father Speech Should Be Sincere And Emotional

The day that you are asked to give your daughter away to wed, is one of the most memorable moments in a fathers life. However, aside from holding back the tears of letting your little girl go, you are also going to be bombarded with the responsibility of giving one of the infamous father of the bride speeches. Giving this speech is one of the highlights of the wedding party. Everyone is going to be eager to find out what you think of your daughters choice of a life partner.

Coming up with the right words for the special event can be a difficult thing for any father to have to do. Not only do you have to cope with the new changes that are taking place in your life, but you also need to share with the guests how this new experience that you have just faced is going to impact your life. Continue reading

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Wedding Speech Order

Order of Wedding Speeches

Order of Wedding Speeches

In almost every country, tradition says that the father of the bride speech is the first in the wedding ceremony. So, being the one that gives the first speech, you must be prepared to make a good impression. Also, it’s very important to know the wedding speeches order, for example who will give the wedding toasts after you, because this could help you, especially in the closing line. For example, the father of the groom comes next, so you can close the speech with a funny joke like (First look at a guest and say: “Well, you thought my speech was boring? Just wait to hear David’s” – David being the groom’s father. Then look to David, shake his hand and smile).

Wedding Speech Order

So, you’re the one that opens the wedding toasts. First, you welcome everyone at the wedding. Then you compliment your daughter, it’s the most important day of her life, so make sure you say nice words about her, she’ll remember your speech for ever. You can develop a few memories from when she was young, maybe say about a funny moment of her childhood. Then you welcome into your family the groom and his parents. Then you can give the newlyweds a piece of good advice for the marriage. You can drop in here a joke or a funny quote. In the end, thank to all the people involved in the wedding planning and propose a toast to the bride and groom. Continue reading

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Wedding Speeches – Father of the Bride

Wedding Speeches - Father of the Bride

Wedding Speeches – Father of the Bride

The wedding day is one of the most important days of the newlyweds and their families’ lives. Being an essential moment in one’s life, his/her wedding must be perfect in all respects. So, both the ceremony and the reception must be excellent. An entertaining part of a wedding reception is represented by the speeches (usually) given after the food is served. When it comes to wedding speeches, father of the bride toast is probably the most important oration at any marriage reception, mainly because it’s the first speech to be given at the weddings in some countries. Unfortunately, not all the persons that must deliver a discourse are public speakers; that’s why they are not aware of the importance of a speech’s presentation – the way that oration is delivered to the audience (see some speech examples here).

Before telling you the three most powerful secrets of a successful presentation, let me explain you first why this is so important. You should know that an excellent presentation has the power to transform a poor content into a great speech. On the other hand, the poor presentations turn great content into boring wedding speeches. While preparing your father of the bride speech, you must remember that both its content and presentation are important, that’s why you should avoid focusing on only one of these. The truth is that almost all people “judge a book by its cover” and the way of delivering the oration is actually the “cover” of the discourse. Furthermore, “attitude is everything”, even when it comes to delivering a toast. Continue reading

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