Father of the Bride Speeches

Father of the Bride Speech

Father of Bride Speeches

So, you are the happy father of the lucky woman who will marry soon, and you must deliver a speech at her wedding. Well, congratulations! In case you have no idea about what to include in your oration – or even if you are afraid of speaking in front of a large audience – you have no reason to worry about it, because this site will show you how to create and deliver an exceptional father of the bride speech (click here for some examples).

First of all, I must tell you something about the context in which you will offer the wedding speech, which will be delivered during the special party – called “the marriage reception” – that will be held after the wedding ceremony. The main purpose of this reception is to entertain the guests. This party usually debuts with the newlywed couple receiving the guests. During this stage, in some traditions, near the bride and the groom stand – in order of precedence – the two couples of parents and some other honor attendants, and they all greet every guest that is coming to the wedding.

Then (especially in the Western countries), before or after the food is served, some of the attendees of the reception give a wedding toast, in the honor of the newly-married couple. On this occasion, they offer short speeches (in this part we find the father of the bride wedding speech), in which they congratulate the bride and the groom (wishing them a good life together) and they thank the parents, the organizers of the wedding and all the guests for the wonderful atmosphere (of the wedding ceremony and reception).

There is also a special protocol for this wedding toast, protocol that differs depending on the country, culture and religion. In many regions, the first to give a speech is the bride’s father (that is you), followed by the groom’s father. So, if the wedding etiquette is the same in your country, you must begin the toast. Here is what all the successful father of the bride speeches contain. First of all, as a host, you must thank the guests for attending your daughter’s wedding – this should be the introduction of your oration. The body of the speech can begin with you expressing your happiness and gratitude for the fact that your daughter has found such a good man and she is going to found her own family (with him).

You must welcome the groom in your family and wish the newlywed couple a happy life together. If you offer your son-in-law a piece of advice for the married life, your speech will be highly appreciated. But be careful not to offend anyone – especially if you include humor (such as telling funny moments from your daughter’s childhood or teenage). In the last part of your oration, you should propose a toast for the marriage that has just begun. The resources promoted by this site (and a couple of articles in this site) contain plenty of father of the bride speech examples, from which you can pick the parts you prefer (parts suitable to your situation) and adapt and insert them in your speech.

If you don’t like to speak in front of a large audience, the secrets revealed in this site’s resources and in the books promoted will teach you how to deliver your speech as a professional public speaker. While creating your oration, you must remember that the perfect father of the bride speech is short, engaging, simple and sincere.

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  1. H.J. says:

    Well, I’ll take that into consideration, but please help me with an answer to the question I posted in the previous post. Thanks in advance!

  2. Elmer says:

    Nice level of details about the wedding toasts. Still, I can’t wait to see some nice examples we can use in our own speeches

  3. Derek says:

    thanks very much for the intro about the wedding speeches and for all the info you posted on the blog. I’ll come back soon for some examples of speeches for the father of the bride

  4. Robert says:

    You must welcome the groom in your family and wish the newlywed couple a happy life together

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