Wedding Speech Order

Order of Wedding Speeches

Order of Wedding Speeches

In almost every country, tradition says that the father of the bride speech is the first in the wedding ceremony. So, being the one that gives the first speech, you must be prepared to make a good impression. Also, it’s very important to know the wedding speeches order, for example who will give the wedding toasts after you, because this could help you, especially in the closing line. For example, the father of the groom comes next, so you can close the speech with a funny joke like (First look at a guest and say: “Well, you thought my speech was boring? Just wait to hear David’s” – David being the groom’s father. Then look to David, shake his hand and smile).

Wedding Speech Order

So, you’re the one that opens the wedding toasts. First, you welcome everyone at the wedding. Then you compliment your daughter, it’s the most important day of her life, so make sure you say nice words about her, she’ll remember your speech for ever. You can develop a few memories from when she was young, maybe say about a funny moment of her childhood. Then you welcome into your family the groom and his parents. Then you can give the newlyweds a piece of good advice for the marriage. You can drop in here a joke or a funny quote. In the end, thank to all the people involved in the wedding planning and propose a toast to the bride and groom.

Then the father of the groom speech will follow. Usually, he will thank you for the opening speech, for all the trouble you went for organizing the wedding (usually you pay the wedding expenses, but you can split it if you want). Then, he would thank to all the people that came to the wedding and after that, he’ll say a few things about his son and probably also share some funny moments from his childhood. In the end, he wishes a happy marriage to the newlyweds and maybe closes with a joke or a funny quote.

Next is the groom speech. Even though he’s the groom, there’s not too much pressure of him, because the hardest part of opening the toasts was done by the father of the bride. The groom should first thank the bride’s parents for raising such a great daughter, then he should thank to the wedding guests for coming to the wedding. Next he will also say a few nice words about the bride and in the end, you thank to the best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen for all the help with the wedding.

Usually, the last speech is the best man speech. In many traditions, this is the last in the wedding speech order. First, he should thank to the groom for asking him to be his best man and says a few nice words about the groom and maybe a funny moment also. Then he should say a few words about the wedding couple, maybe also another funny moment if they shared any. Then, on behalf of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids thank to the groom for this toast to you. Then propose a toast for the bride and the groom and wish them a happy marriage and in the end, close with a joke. The best man speech should be a memorable one, so he needs to focus a little more on writing the speech.

In most cultures, this is the traditional order of wedding speeches and since the father of the bride speech is the first one, you should really be prepared with a great opening line.

But about this and many others we’ll discuss in the next articles.

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3 Responses to Wedding Speech Order

  1. Garry says:

    Actually, the father of the groom isn’t always supposed to give a toast. I mean, I only know about the bride’s father, the groom and the best man. And they all thank for behalf of the others

  2. Augustus says:

    There’s also the groom’s parents, the bride and even the maid of honor who can give toasts to a wedding

  3. Timothy says:

    thanks, I was really looking for something like this. I was arguing with my daughter that I’ll go first and she said the groom’s father is the first… Looks like I was right

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